5 Delicious Indo-Pak Grilled Dishes Perfect for an Outdoor Fiesta

October 26, 2022

The beautiful sunny days and pleasant evenings make it a perfect time of the year to host outdoor parties at the beach. With the canopies and hammocks set out, the menu is something you need to worry about the next. If you want to give the party a unique personality and serve the guests with some lip-smacking food, you must consider Indo-Pak grilled dishes. As one of the best halal barbeque catering services in Houston, at Savoy Restaurant, we strive to deliver delicious food and unparalleled experience to our clients.

Starting with an elaborate menu, our specialized chefs will make sure that the food is enough quantity and is presentably served to your guests.

Want to know more about what grilled dishes should you include for your next outdoor fiesta?

Here’s a list from our Indo-Pak menu.

1. Beef Bihari: As one of the most popular and sumptuous Pakistani appetizers, Beef Bihari is all about barbequed juicy beef strips marinated with authentic herbs and spices. To be more specific, the marinade is made by mixing onion paste with garlic and ginger paste, ground cumin, coriander, and black pepper, star anise powder, red chili powder, mace powder, and yogurt. Once the beef strips are marinated, they are set aside for eight to ten hours before being barbequed.

2. Goat Chops: Goat Chops is one of our best-selling and most-ordered dishes. It is safe to say that goat chops top the charts at the best Pakistani food in Houston at our restaurant.  We marinate and barbeque the chops using some signature spices and fresh ingredients. The meat for Goat Chops is sourced from reputed stores only. Once your guests get a taste of Savoy’s Goat Chops, they will thank you for introducing them to the delicacy.

3. Chicken Malai Botti: Indo-Pak cuisine is all about the delectable marinations. And that when combined with boneless chicken, herbs and cream gives you the most sinfully mouth-watering Indo-Pakistani dish known as Chicken Malai Botti, where Malai is for cream and Botti is for grilled chicken chunks. You can choose to customize the dish based on the taste, milk, spicy or regular.

4. Chicken Tikka: Native to North India, Chicken Tikka is quite famous in Houston. The boneless chicken pieces are marinated with exotic spices and yogurt. You can team these up salad or naan as sides to treat your guests to a full-flavored meal.

5. Special Grilled Platter: As Savoy Restaurant, we serve our guests with an all-in-one special grilled platter that includes Goat Chops, Beef Seekh Kabob, Beef Bihari, Chicken Seekh Kabob, and Chicken Bihari on a sizzling skillet. It is one of our most tasteful and flavorsome grilled platters that is also available for catering at parties and events.

Include all of these or just one, we will make sure that our halal barbeque catering services make your party a huge success. We’ll customize the food based on your preferences and make sure everything is well organized as you would expect for an outdoor happy. Go ahead, give us a shout and we’ll be on our toes to cater to you.

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