Delicious Halal Foods to Travel For

October 26, 2022

Muslims are well aware that they can’t enjoy their meal if it’s not halal. Like vegetarians, vegans and other communities prefer their food to be made with certain ingredients and manner, Muslims too require their food to be halal for religious beliefs. First, we must get a clear understanding of what actually Halal is.

Halal refers to a customary procedure that involves performing a prayer over first and last animal given for slaughter. This Muslim practice holds a belief that the slaughtered animal must feel the least amount of pain. They respect and care for all the animals to make the process more humane. It also allows the blood to drain out quickly since the consumption of animal blood is forbidden in this religion. 

Many countries are known for their halal food. The intricacies of dishes and their delicate flavors must be tried at least once if you visit them. Although, you can also find several halal restaurants near you who might provide different cuisines.  

Turkish cuisine

Turkey is a fascinating travel destination. The history, culture, and people in themselves are so captivating that you will want to pack all of it in a bag and take them home. For foodies though, many might not know, Turkey is a goldmine. Their range of Halal food is exquisite including the special Turkish Halal breakfast. They start their day with varieties of food like cheese, olives, cold cuts, sausages, eggs, homemade loaves of bread with an array of homemade honey, butter, and fruit preserves. All this accompanied with a strong Turkish black tea is the best way to start your day, with ease.

Pakistani Cuisine

Being a downright Muslim country, Pakistan has an array of halal cuisine to enjoy. At every step, you will find most of the restaurants providing halal food. Even if you don’t get a chance to visit this colorful country, there are plenty of Pakistani restaurants that prepare delicious food. You can look for best Pakistani Halal food in Houston or other places to enjoy their special seekh kabab made with spiced mixed meat and grilled on skewers. Or the luxurious sheer khurma for the sweet tooth. Many more delectable dishes come under this wing that will take your taste buds to another realm.  

Indian Cuisine

India is known for its colorful vegetarian food. The wide range of spices and contents fill up the plate along with one’s heart. Yet, there are countless places that serve amazing halal food, biryani being one of them. It is a royal Indian dish made with countless spices, meat, and high-quality rice. This is a very prominent dish that might vary in flavor according to the place but will never fail you. 

Travel around the world for the best Indo-Pak food and multiple varieties of halal cuisine. The search never ends for an explorer.

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