Seven Delicious Dishes for Iftar during Ramadan

October 26, 2022

It is the holy month of Ramadan. According to the Islamic rituals, it is a very important time of the year for Muslims or anyone with the Islamic faith. Fasting during this holy month is one of the five pillars of Islam, which also includes prayers and charity. Muslim people do not smoke, drink and eat during Ramadan. Neither they abuse nor do they fight. They fast for an entire day and the duration is called Roza. People who follow Ramadan only eat before and after sunrise and sunset respectively. The eating procedure before Roza is known as Sehri and the procedure of breaking the fast is called Iftar. Iftar party is usually celebrated with great joy and is seen as an occasion to spend time with family and enjoy a hearty meal.

Whether you are planning an Iftar party at home or a small get together with family, setting the right menu is very important. 

Here are some lip-smacking dishes that you can include in your Iftar menu during the holy time of Ramadan:

1. Chicken Biryani: Chicken Biryani is one of the most raved about Indo-Pak dish in Houston. A perfect blend of seasonal long grained rice, condiments and spices along with the marinated chicken, make it a must-have at Iftar. It is served with thick spicy gravy or flavored curd called rayta, which is a side-dish, made from curd, crushed cucumber, onion and coriander leaves. In addition to the variety of flavors and being a fulfilling meal, Chicken Biryani is quite popularly consumed at Iftar.  

2. Shahi Tukda: It is the most preferred rich, royal Mughlai dessert that people enjoy at  Iftar. Its preparation comprises of small fried bread pieces dipped in sugar syrup and soaked with rabri or you can say the fragrant, creamy condensed milk which is served along with dry fruits toppings. It is a refreshing and nutritious dessert to finish off the Iftar meal. 

3. Shami Kebab: Shami kebab is an ideal appetizer, which can be used to kick off the Iftar meal. Generally, the minced meat used to prepare it is beef but occasionally lamb, mutton and chicken may also be used in its composition. It’s all up to the customer’s choice. Juicy meat pieces are mixed with ground chickpeas, spices, and eggs to hold it together and then fried in oil till they become crispy.

4. Haleem: Haleem is a perfect post-workout snack as it is highly rich in protein. So after a full day of Roza, Haleem is the best choice to re-energize the body tissues. It is a combination of mutton stew, lentils, spices, and broken wheat.

5. Kabsa: It is composed of rice, meat, spices and augmented with some dry fruits, yogurt and of course dates. It is served with some cucumber, carrot, lettuce and other salads.

6. Falsa Sherbet: It is the best drink for breaking the Roza fast, prepared by mixing falsa (a type of berry) with lemon, mint leaves and added sugar. It maintains the body temperature, blood pressure and relieves the digestive system. It is a complete package of health and energy.

7. Kabuli Pulao: It is a light and lovely meal itself. This ethereal mixture of rice and chickpeas redolent with sweet and warm spices served with thick chickpea gravy. The dish is fully-flavored and delicious.

Besides these, there are many Indo-Pak dishes, desserts, and sharbats which have the mouthwatering fragrances and finger licking tastes. Join an Iftar Party at Savoy Restaurant, which is one of the leading Indo-Pak Restaurant in Houston and enjoy your meal including the best Pakistani non-veg dishes.

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