10 Popular Drinks and Beverages of India

October 26, 2022

India is a country of different cultures, different languages, and cuisine. different kinds of clothing and different food habits. The country has six seasons, winter, summer, monsoon, spring, pre-winter and autumn and each season has some specific drinks and beverages to enjoy. Also, the 28 states of India have their own tasty and healthy drinks and beverages containing so much to please a thirsty soul.

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Here is a list of top 10 popular Indian traditional drinks & beverages best able to quench your thirst.

1.  Lassi: It is the most popular and traditional yogurt-based drink from the north-western region of Punjab in India. There are several varieties of lassi such as mango lassi, salted lassi, sweet lassi, bhang lassi, and chocolate lassi. It is a cooling, refreshing and healthy drink that is the best choice for summers.

2.    Masala Chai: Tea is the most famous and favorite beverage in all parts of India. This spicy, melty, strong and earthy tea is made by mixing black tea with Indian aromatic spices and herbs. 

3.  Chaach: Chaach is a Rajasthani drink, best as natural thirst satisfiers. It is one of the smoothest, tastiest and relishing drinks. This buttermilk or slightly sour milk is best for hot seasons.

4.    Thandai: A healthy and chilled Rajasthani beverage served to beat the height of summers. It is a mixture of creamy milk with dry fruits.

5.  Toddy: If you are in Madhya Pradesh, you must try this awesome alcoholic drink, made up if various palm plants. It is white in color having 5% alcohol. Mechanical properties of fresh toddy have more health benefits.

6.   Kokum Sorbet: Kokum Sorbet is a summer coolant and sweet drink very popular in Maharashtra. Consumption of Kokum sorbet helps to improve the digestion system and relax the body by cooling it down in hot summers. It is served or added with other dishes to give them a sour taste.

7.   Fenny: this local drink of Goa can be classified as country liquor. It is made either by using coconut or by cashew apple.

8.    Falooda: It is sweet and fragrancing beverage popular in Delhi, Haryana and Punjab regions in India. It is a mixture of many ingredients such as milk, jelly cubes, ice cream, rose syrup vermicelli, and ice cream. To make it more delicious and nutritious Basil seeds are also added to this. After an adventurous spicy meal, the consumption of falooda makes your digestion easy and cools your body. 

9.    Kahwa: Kahwa is the kind of chai, mostly consumed in Kashmir valley. It has a different but amazing mouth watering flavor. Mostly good for winters and also helps to heal a panic headache. You can also add lemon to it to make it more flavorsome.

10. Handia: Handia is a native drink of West Bengal. It is a mixture of fragmented rice and herbs. There are 25 various herbs used to prepare this unique drink. It is the best shot to beat the heat.

If you are planning to visit India, make sure to taste these wonderful and healthy drinks and beverages. If you are living in Houston, you can go to one of the best Indo Pak foodrestaurants and enjoy these unforgettable tastes.

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