8 Best Chicken Curries to Try Atleast Once in a Lifetime

October 26, 2022

There are various flavors of chicken curries from different regions of India and Pakistan. As you walk across regional boundaries, these chicken curries adopt different flavors. As a bold base, it adds interest and depth in any dish. There are different versions of chicken curry like robust, velvety, brilliantly, buttery, creamy and tangy represents the taste and aroma of different states. Cooking mediums of chicken gravy also varies with local tastes.

If you are looking for some delicious chicken curry dishes in Houston, this is the list for you. Look up our menu and feel free to walk in whenever you are craving a bite or two. 

Butter Chicken: It is the best chicken curry recipe you can ever have. Overnight marinated in herbs, boneless chicken grilled in a tandoor and finished with cream, tomato puree, and spices. This perfect dinner party recipe is liked throughout the world with equal zest.

Chicken Chilli: It is a popular Indo Chinese dish of chicken. Boneless or boned shredded chicken with spicy marinated chicken pieces served with a tomato chili sauce. It is cooked as a dry snack a popular party starter.

Chicken Peshawari: It is a palatable dish with a hand full of ingredients. It is amazingly scrumptious and goes very well with every kind of roti and parathas. Chicken prepared in creamy and zesty spices with cashews and coconut cream blends a flavor really yum.

Chicken Korma: The boned chicken cooked in flavored almond curry sauce, simmered with tomatoes, freshly ground spices, herbs, and nuts. The best combo of meat, vegetables, and yogurts.

Chicken Tikka Masala: It is a dish of chunks of spicy roasted marinated chicken pieces grilled in a tandoor and finished in a creamy tomato sauce. The sauce is so creamy and orange in color.

Hara Chicken: This is a very favorable and fresh vegetable recipe. Tender Juicy pieces of boned chicken cooked in a tangy green curry sauce made from green chilies. This curry tastes its best with plain cooked rice.

Reshmi Kabab Masala: This dish features barbecue skewers of chicken is marinated in fresh herbs and simmered into the curry. These are silky textured delicious chicken kebabs a traditional Mughlai dish.

Karahi Chicken: Also known as gosht karahi. The dish includes tender chicken pieces and cooked with fresh tomatoes and special karahi masala. You can serve it with the topping of capsicum and onion.

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